Our Parliamentary Candidates 2019

Lisa Scott-Conte for Mole Valley


Lisa has been a Mole Valley resident for 15 years, spearheading such projects as Community Speed Watch and low-traffic residential areas. 

Lisa was motivated to move in to politics when Mole Valley became the target of unwelcome interest from the oil exploration industry which further threatens the air we breathe, Green Belt, and perpetuates the climate breakdown we are already experiencing. Lisa has worked to improve cycling and walking infrastructure and accessibility and public transport.

Lisa believes passionately that the key to a positive future is through strong local communities, protecting and promoting local trades, businesses and services to create local jobs for local people. Lisa supports a Work From Home culture to reduce the pressure to commute. Less commuting time means we get to spend more time in the place we live, with our families.

Lisa is a keen home cook, allotmenter and travels by bike whenever possible.


Janice Baker for Epsom & Ewell

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2014. What drove me into politics in my twenties was volunteering in community projects around Sutton, and campaigning against apartheid and racism.  Grassroots movements led into two years as a volunteer at the Pan African Institute for Development, Cameroon. The injustices in international relations were stark, wrecking the land, soil, lives and rights of all but the powerful rich. I was to return to Africa three times, working for an NGO or lecturing in Politics. I’ve been back in Ewell, then Epsom, for 28 years, in university and college posts before setting up a local school teaching English as a Foreign Language. Through that, I’m able to support Epsom Refugee Network in a practical way.

My passion is to see people’s movements convince powerful forces that they cannot get away with exploiting us and our finite resources. That’s why I serve on the steering group of Divest Surrey to end Surrey County Council investment in gas and oil completely. Working with others to set up Sustainable Epsom is very rewarding and I’m passionate about animal rights and absolutely opposed to factory farming. So I’m vegan.

I’m a single parent, love my two cats, walking and reading, and admit to vegging out with TV dramas.




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