Mole Valley and Epsom and Ewell Green Party has selected its candidates for the General Election on June 8.

1 May 2017


Jacquetta Fewster will be standing in the Mole Valley constituency and Janice Baker in Epsom.

Jacquetta said: “We’re standing for an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few, and protection of our precious environment.

“I’m particularly concerned about air pollution, which is contributing to 40,000 premature deaths in the UK every year, and stacking up health problems for our children throughout their lives. This is a scandal, and the Green Party is backing the campaign to hold the Government to account on its failure to clean up our polluted air. In Mole Valley we have several schools by busy roads and we’ll be working to monitor and act on any risks to children and other vulnerable people”.

Janice Baker said:  “I’ve lived in Epsom and Ewell for 25 years and share local concern about inadequate social care, insufficient affordable housing, traffic congestion, air pollution and diminishing green spaces.

“A big issue for the election campaign is making it easier for people to get around using public transport. Southern Rail has been an absolute blight for commuters and the Government hasn’t sorted out the issue.  Privatisation of our railways hasn’t worked and it’s high time this huge national asset was taken back under state control.  Why not when the government has been bailing them out to the tune of £4 billion per annum?  Despite charging the highest fares in the world, our trains suffer the worst over-crowding in Europe:  no wonder when 90% of the profits are returned to shareholders rather than being re-invested.”

Jacquetta Fewster has lived in Dorking for 17 years and works for a cancer charity. She is active in her local community as a volunteer with her local health walks project, and with Transition Dorking.

Dr Janice Baker teaches at a local language school, previously lectured in politics and community development in Africa, and now lives with her son and two cats in Epsom.

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