21 August 2019

Rowan Munson, who is relatively new to the Green Party, has been appointed as the Young Greens Officer for MVEEGP.

He writes: “I’ve been involved in politics since I was 10, and I know that the under 30s have a uniquely progressive political mindset and a real talent for ‘speaking truth to power’. We are well placed for taking local action and getting results. I was therefore disappointed to hear from my predecessor that little has been going on locally about Young Greens.

So I’ve set out conducting a survey of Young Greens, to get the lie of the land, and see what we’ve got to work with. We’ll then be working together to form a plan of action. As soon as this is ready, I’ll let you all know.

If you’re a Young Green (under 30) who hasn’t heard from me, or a member (30+) interested in supporting and hearing more about Young Greens and how we progress, then please do get in touch!”